why bart drost embroiders

It all started in 1985. For his first project tree blue bass in the Kerkje van Persingen, Bart Drost had three words embroidered on 100 black sports shorts. In bright fresh leaf green. Machine. But it actually started in 1971. At the time, Drost had what he thought was a hip, light blue denim jacket. To make it even more beautiful, he embroidered stripes and dots on it. In bright colors. No! It has already started with the Sunday tablecloth. For breakfast during the holidays. Purple garlands with orange-red flowers. Embroidered by hand by his mother. Perhaps even earlier: there were antique chairs in Drost's home in the drawing room that were embroidered with beautiful motifs on the backrest, on the seat, even on the armrests. Or does it have to do with his education? Monumental Textile Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Although he worked relatively little with textiles there. It was mainly drawing, cutting and sawing.

His teacher Harry Boom described the essence of the textile arts at the time with approximately these words:

"Textile art is a work mentality. It's like the picture in the frame on the mantelpiece in your living room. Not the photo, not the frame, not the mantelpiece, not the living room is important, but it is about the mutual coherence of all that."

However: Drost likes to embroider.

And you don't have to learn it.


Roomsch leven - January 3 2020

After the try out of 'in paradiso' at Hubert in Nijmegen, Bart Drost embroidered fourteen bed sheets that are the reason for the project 'Roman life'. On Friday, January 3, Bart Drost presented his installation 'Roman life' to a select audience in the main hall of the former Montessori school in Nijmegen. While the Wiener Sänger Knaben sang Strauss' An der schönen blauen Donau via a record player, Drost spread the sheets over the fourteen beds one by one.

Performance - Voormalige Montessorischool Nijmegen 2020


the dormitory - popop - January 1 2020

On New Year's Day 2020, Bart Drost installed his work 'Roomschleven' in the POPOP space in Nijmegen, the basement of the former Montessori school. The work consists of 14 beds in 2 rows of 7. Sheets are draped on the beds on which lines of reclining and / or sleeping boy figures are embroidered.

In this arrangement, a wooden 'Jesus figure' has been added to the back wall.


in paradiso - 2019

On Tuesday evening, July 23, 2019, Bart Drost gave in Hall 1 of Hubert-Nijmegen an overview of his artist's life through six works and one performance, an intensive search for the sources of homesickness and longing.

A photograph of the young artist - taken on silly children's day 1961 - is prominent in Hall 1, as if the boy were guest of honor.

He then gave a try-out of his 'in paradiso' by transforming 'version 1'  into 'version 2'A fence around 22 embroidered jumpsuits is moved and the same jumpsuits hang freely in space.

11 x 2 jumpsuits in khaki and navy, size XL

Flat stitch boy figures embroidered with mottled green and mottled blue DMC yarn

22 wooden coat hangers

11 mirror ball motors

Tryout nr.1 - Hubert, Nijmegen 2019

Hooi, Op het land - privé locatie Mehr (Duitsland) 2019


home sweet home - 2018/2019

27 texts embroidered in cross stitch with blood red DMC thread Used lists

Ironing board

Iron Wall


Boy briefs

opname in eigen atelier, Nijmegen 2019

Singular Art Gallery, Nijmegen 2020


XL - 2018

11 khaki jumpsuits, size XL

Boy figures embroidered in flat stitch with blended green DMC yarn

Each jumpsuit in three versions photographed by Tyson Ernste

As part of the QTopia Queer Arts Festival, XL was shown onp 4 locations in Nijmegen:

9 foto's - Stadsschouwburg, Nijmegen 2018

'XL' no.7 - Galerie Singular Art, Nijmegen 2018

A small video - Ruis, Nijmegen 2018

Vitrinetafel - openbare bibliotheek De Marienburg,, Nijmegen 2018


action - 2018

In 1985 Bart Drost embroidered 100 boys' names on an old decorative slip. As a tribute to the leitmotif in his art: 'the boy'. In 2018, he decided that others also deserved a tribute and he embroidered another 100 names, this time from 100 cashiers / kaissières of chain store Action.

Antique cotton decorative pillowcase

100 names embroidered in loose cross stitch with delft blue DMC thread

120x120 cm

opname in eigen atelier, Nijmegen 2018


of wet dreams and salty tears - 2002

21 cotton men's handkerchiefs with initial B Boy figures embroidered in flat stitch with various gray-blue DMC threads

1 iron laundry rack

42 wooden clothespins

135x75x75 cm

Verzamelde Gedichten - Notre Dame des Arts, Ubbergen 2010


two boys in bed - 1992

 Cotton bed sheet with two Boy figures embroidered in fantasy flat stitch with light gray DMC thread


200x140x40 cm

Kunst in de hotelkamer - Hotel Winston, Amsterdam 1992

10 Jaar is Jong - Maas Ruimte voor Kunst, Nijmegen 1993

Schaamteloos M/V - Electron, Breda 2013

Schaamteloos M/V - TAC, Eindhoven 2014


the boy on the horizontal bar - 1985

 Pleated cotton

Boy figure embroidered in flat stitch with blended green DMC yarn

Copper bowl with plastic cherries

Stick Poem "out of self-preservation"

200x200x100 cm 

21 jonge kunstenaars - Galerie Nouvelles Images, Den Haag 1986


100 names - 1985

In 1985 Bart Drost embroidered 100 boys' names on an old decorative slip. As a tribute to the leitmotif in his art: 'the boy'.

Antique cotton decorative pillowcase

100 Boy names embroidered in loose cross stitch with blood red DMC thread

120x120 cm

21 jonge kunstenaars - Galerie Nouvelles Images, Den Haag 1986

De weg van het geluk - Baste En Route, Nijmegen 1987

Verzamelde Gedichten - Notre Dame  des Arts, Ubbergen 2010

Jongens - De Vishal/St.Bavo Kathedraal, Haarlem 2015


you in my rose garden - 1983-1987


Left: with a brush painted in blue cotton cloth

Middle: cotton sheet with Boy figure embroidered in flat fantasy stitch in gray and flowers with red and green DMC thread 220x120 cm.

Right: cotton cloth with body painted in blue.

Total of the three parts 700x240 cm 1983-1987

De weg van het geluk - Baste En Route, Nijmegen 1987

Verzamelde Gedichten - Notre Dame  des Arts, Ubbergen 2010


tree blue bass - 1985

A canvas of 800 x 800 cm. on which naked boys painted in bold poses dominates the space in front of the altar of the Church of Persingen. The canvas is hung on 2 birch trunks. 100 sports shorts float on nylon threads from the high ceiling. Each short is machine-embroidered in fresh green 'tree blue bass. There is a bass instrument in one corner of the church. In the other corner is a ghetto blaster that performs study exercises in bass music.

boomblauw bas - kerkje van Persingen 1985

boomblauw bas - St. Pieters en Bloklands Gasthuis, Amersfoort 1990


100 shorts

The embroidered shorts that were part of Tree Blue Bass in 1985 have also been included in several other locations and compositions,Including The Hague, Nijmegen, Haarlem, and Groningen.

Stipendia '84, Logement van de Heren van Amsterdam, Den Haag 1985

100x100x100, Museum Commanderie van Sint Jan, Nijmegen 1987

Er is maar een God, Kunstcentrum Niggendijker, Groningen 1989
'jongens', De Vishal, Haarlem 2016

bart drost borduurt

On November 30, 2019, Bart Drost presented the 'Bart Drost embroidery set 2019'. He compiled a small overview of his embroidery from 1983 onwards for this package and made a modest booklet out of it. As it were, an embroidery oeuvre catalog.

uitgegeven in 2019

fulcolor digiprint

edition --

20 pages

Euro 10,00


bart drost embrodery kit - 2019

"...It all started with this photo. A fellow artist was visiting my studio. At that time I was working on a number of embroidery projects. And as it goes, 'nothing was fixed' at the time. Well, when is something fixed? The projects were still in full development. The colleague took a photo and posted it on her Facebook page. There was a prompt response by email: someone wanted to 'buy a text'...".

And than the project started...

Contents of the embroidery kit

1 manual

1 set of text sheets

1 booklet 'bart drost embroidery'

2 Aida 16 count 40 x 30 cm

1 DMC embroidery thread No. 304 1

embroidery needle

1 HB pencil

2 postcards

The 'Bart Drost embroidery kit 2019' has been published in an edition of 25,

numbered and signed

silkscreen cover cover: Kurtface - Nijmegen

Issued in 2019

Euro 175.00


Bart Drost

free artist

Graafseweg 183a
6531ZR Nijmegen
The Netherlands