in paradiso - try out nr.1 & 2 at Hubert Nijmegen - 2019

On Tuesday evening, July 23, 2019, Bart Drost gave in Hall 1 of Hubert-Nijmegen an overview of his artist's life through six works and one performance, an intensive search for the sources of homesickness and longing.

A photograph of the young artist - taken on silly children's day 1961 - is prominent in Hall 1, as if the boy were guest of honor.

He then gave a try-out of his 'in paradiso' by transforming 'version 1'  into 'version 2'A fence around 22 embroidered jumpsuits is moved and the same jumpsuits hang freely in space.

Clicking on the blue words below gives information - in word & image - about the works.

'in paradiso' -  22 embroidered jumpsuits - 2018/2019

'the mechanical jukebox' - furniture with music boxes, texts and four candles - 2019

'home sweet home' -  performance with iron and ironing board - 2019

'paper boys' - fotoprint on voile - 2018

'my studio' -  wood, acrylic, photography, pencil - 2005

'a small world' - texts - 1983/84/85

'salt sand see' - performance & graduation work Gerrit Rietveld Academie - 1983

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Bart Drost

free artist

Graafseweg 183a
6531ZR Nijmegen
The Netherlands