"The boys figures from the exhibition boom blauw bas (1985) regularly return to Drost's work: at the beginning of 2018, they suddenly resurface (gras groeit glas), begging for attention, begging for new images. "We're here again and we are staying". He started to embroider them, the boys, on jumpsuits from the clothing industry, in beautiful bright grass green, with here and there an accent in cherry red.

During embroidery, Drost listened to music from the 17th and 18th centuries. Baroque. Many a countertenor has stolen his heart. He usually didn't understand the sung texts; however, he regularly heard the words 'in paradiso' pass by. See here, the all-encompassing title for his oeuvre.

A preview of 'XL' - that is how this embroidery project is called - was shown at several locations during the Qtopia Queer Arts Festival Nijmegen 2018. The project is still under development, can go many ways. It has not yet adopted a final form, is not finished yet. In collaboration with photographer Tyson Ernste,
with each jumpsuit a set of three staged photos was created.'

Singular-Art - 'XL'  jumpsuit no.7

Ruis - contemporary art - shortmovie

Stadsschouwburg - 9 photos 75x50cm
City Library De Mariënburg - 1 display cabinet with 'XL' jumpsuits nr.3 & nr.6 and 24 photos 8x5cm


'XL'- photo's

The jumpsuits are embroidered. And then? There must be a new 'swing'. That's why Bart Drost contacted photographer Tyson Ernste and in close consultation (usually via email exchange!) a series of staged photos was created for the jumpsuits.

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