'o teatro de passagem' - Évora Monte Portugal

In May 2016 Bart Drost spent four weeks as an artist in residence at the Foundation Obras in Estremoz, Portugal. During a walk on the second day of his stay he discovered an old abandoned railway station, half ruined, half bricked and he knew immediately that this would be the place for his new project. Since then he worked for three weeks continuously on a place where you can travel in your mind, in your imagination and that finally would be named: 'o teatro de passagem'.

Drost invited his fellow residents to participate in his project: "A theater needs a program and artists who will do acts. Therefore I ask you all to be willing to participate in the show. We could make a beautiful late afternoon together, with spectacle, eat, drink and ? who knows ? visitors. It would be great if you could give a tribute to the theater show: maybe you can dance, read, make music, do a performance (There will be no art critics, gallery owners or other big ones from the art scene, so you can feel free to do whatever you want).

In this book an overview of the works and the show, some fb-messages, e-mails to the homefront, snapshots and a short history about the wavelets in Drosts artworks.

edited in 2016

full collor digiprint

100 pages, glued

text in English

Euro 15.00

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