o teatro de passagem - 2016

In het voorjaar van 2016 werkte Bart Drost 5 weken als artist in residence bij de Foundation Obras, in de Portugese Alentejo. Vanuit een blanco niets is het project 'o teatro de passagem' ontstaan in een verlaten treinstation bij Évora Monte.



May 15th 2016 Bart Drost started to make murals on the walls of the four rooms of an abandoned railway station at Évora Monte, Portugal.
After six days he had painted over 60.000 little blue wavelets by hand on the walls and the work was finished.
The four rooms each have his own character: from the left to the right: room 1 has three layers of blue, room 2 two layers, room 3 one layer and in room 4 on the mural one small detail of the painting in room 4 is hugely enlarged.

On a wall in the fourth room I finally signed a kind of summary table, which showed how many wavelets I painted one certain wall in a day.


de show

Bart Drost opened the doors of the railway station Évora Monte again. From now on you can travel as far as you wish, without realy leaving the place: there is no train passing by this small railway station for over thirty years and there will never ride any train anymore.

By opening the doors he wanted to make a place where you can travel in your mind, in your imagination. The rooms of the old building have each their own character. You can pass by and ignore them, or you can come in and watch them carefully.

A theatre needs a show, so he invited collegue artist residents to join in and contribute to this show.

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