on the edge of the night - an installation for Splendor 2016

The invitation to take part in a presentation at KUNSTLICHT (ARTIFICIAL LIGHT) an artist initiative in the studio complex at the former Splendor ? a factory where they made light bulbs for years ago - in Nijmegen made me reflect on the light in my own house. I realized that the light in my home mainly consist of table lamps, light that seems more for fun than that it functions as an effective light source. Quite different from the situation in my studio, where 20 fluorescent tubes shine bright.
The house as a romantic place to stay, the studio for the hard work ...

For KUNSTLICHT  I made the installation am Rande der Nacht (on the edge of the night) and filmed five different lights:

-the little angel in the entrance hall (heirloom, in 1969 bought by my mother)
-the floor lamp (bought by myself in 2015 at a second hand store)
-the design desk lamp (in 1989 a Christmas gift of friend Caroline from Cologne)
-the Don Quichotte table lamp (heirloom, bought by my father in 1971)
-the reading lamp by the bed (bought by myself on a Queen's market, no idea when)

I filmed  between 22.00 and 24.00 hours, the radio was playing loud, tuned in to the program Musik zum Träumen of the German WDR4. In the Splendorfabriek the movies are shown all five at the same time on individual screens: virtually motionless, but with a cacophony of sound.


Nico Huijbregts


Bart Drost

free artist

Graafseweg 183a
6531ZR Nijmegen
The Netherlands