the inner landscape - a project for ooy

Bart Drost developed an art project that offers the possibility to communicate what he calls the 'inner landscape' in word and image. The project will be realized in 2020.

Therefor, he invites guests and investigates together with them what nature can do in humans. The Trafohuisje in the Ooypolder plays a major role in this project.


the mail excange

That the realization of an art project - which at first glance is easy to carry out - requires a long breath, shows the email exchange between Bart Drost and the Van Steen and Nature Foundation below. The mail exchange started on 6 February 2015 and continues until now. Parts of the text in italics are the Foundation's answers. Names of those involved are not important here.

Dear people,

as a resident of Nijmegen, I regularly do my hike in the Ooypolder.
as a visual artist, I benefit from a certain order and regularity.
Of course I did not miss the old transformer house on the Hezelstraat.
How sad it was to see it collapsed. How pleased I am that it became refurbished.

Nevertheless now slowly but surely it is deteriorating again.

During the years that I walk through the polder on a weekly basis, a lot of thoughts go through my mind.

More than once those ideas and thoughts result in an art project
I write this e-mail with a request: I would like to use a season long (maybe even four seasons) the transformer house on the Hezelstraat as a drawing room. I imagine that I have a table and a chair up there and several days a week I walk there to work for around 1 hour with paper and pencil

I would like to exchange ideas with the foundation about this idea.

Kind regards,
Bart Drost.

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Bart Drost

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