I was a good kid - modern art centre cbk arnhem - 2005

Showing Art - at the installation I was a good kid

"At the show/installation 'I was a good kid' a visual artist presents his work. That seems obvious. And yet it is not so obvious. Visual art is by definition a 'Visual art' but still it should be made visually by means of an extra 'exhibition'. Is this show, this gesture of making visible, the same as staging or run a written or composed text? Or of publishing  the readable  of a literary text? No because a play, a music piece or a literary work have, to really be able to exist, those extra conversion as performance, executed or publication necessary. Without performance, executed or publication they exist only virtually. A Visual work in the Studio of the artist 'really' exist.

Showing art is a strange thing. A cultural monster, you'd almost think. For the creator the only possible way to show his work in such a way that it is recognized as a work of art. And for the visitor to an exhibition - please note that the visitor and not the viewer or the spectator! -- half the time ... a torment.

My visitors body never knows well what it should do: walking, sitting, standing? None of all the possibilities is satisfactory, and all the possibilities lead to physical fatigue. The act of watching is  rarely facilitated.

Bart Drost is aware of at least one thing: that you must use the space where your exhibit as an artist. Maybe he should be a museum director! Then at once he can show his bulky and exciting oeuvre!

Eric de Kuyper, writer, filmmaker, publicist. Mehr, 2005.

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Bart Drost

free artist

Graafseweg 183a
6531ZR Nijmegen
The Netherlands