story of the endless freedom - ekwc den bosch - 2007

"I beat with my fist the porcelain on the table.

As the clouds in the sky,
so the sharp lines blur into a haze that will disappear.
What remains is the picture on my retina,
projected on a backdrop of memories.

I'm standing on my feet on the ground and I stamp in the clay.

There in the Middle, so close and so far away.
The drawings will be fired.
So it has to bee.
The result is a rigid extract of my experience of making.

And then, there is that Wretched with his arms wide forever ...

How to make the vulnerable strong without sacrificing the soul? "


let's dance (jesus is just alright) - 2007

During his working period in the European Ceramic Work Centre in Den Bosch Bart Drost wanted to capture the process of transformation of porcelain mass to solidified porcelain. The Church icon of the suffering Christ on the cross was his leitmotiv. "Suffered enough, stop, relax!  He made film recordings during the combustion process, the stages which the changing porcelain mass had to undergo. The very vulnerable dried clay mass  couldn't resist the gravity of the earth during the increasing of the combustion temperature. The Christ figure had finally let go down his arms, step by step.

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Bart Drost

free artist

Graafseweg 183a
6531ZR Nijmegen
The Netherlands