teacher training TeHaTex - 1976/1981

In 1977 Bart Drost enrolled as a student at TeHaTex, a training course for obtaining a diploma in drawing, manual skills and textile work methods. In 1981 he obtained a diploma as a second-degree teacher of textile work methods and a third-degree teacher of handicrafts.

One of the teachers of textile work at the time was visual artist Harry Boom, whom Drost still considers his great teacher to this day. That there was a certain relationship between the two is clearly visible in the work that Drost presented at his graduation. This went so far that at a certain point it was no longer clear who was influencing whom: the teacher the student or the student the teacher. Remarkable in all this: everyone's own theme was rarely if ever a topic in their conversations, it was always about the form, about the image.

Boom and Drost would later meet again at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. and in the same construction. An impossibility, because at that moment equality was already a fact.


Boom shows the Vishal - 1981

During the period that Bart Drost made his 'black images' at TeHaTex in preparation for his graduation project, his teacher visual artist Harry Boom (1946-1995) realized an exhibition for and in the Vishal in Haarlem. Although the theme of each of them is completely unique, there is a strong similarity in their visual language. In the years that followed, Drost would take other paths and explore new paths, developing an oeuvre entirely of his own in the process.

Boom's motto, however, will always come back as an echo: work = process, live = experience.

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