58 cows

Bart Drost is a passionate artist. Don't do tomorrow what you can do today. He often threatens to outrun himself. That in 2014 led him to the bright idea "I have to build in moments of rest"  and he registered at a Buddhist yoga center in Nijmegen. A yoga session every Thursday morning. However, on the first Thursday morning in question, he did not go to the yoga center but to the Ooypolder. After all, who wants to sit still for two hours inside four walls? Since then, every Thursday morning - ice and weather - he invariably takes a three-hour walk through this beautiful nature reserve near Nijmegen. Always the same route...

On Thursday 29 October 2015 from 9.35 am to 9.50 am, a procession of 58 cows - black & white and red & white - passed him in the meadow.

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Bart Drost

free artist

Graafseweg 183a
6531ZR Nijmegen
The Netherlands