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Inside Outside Art - Art as a connection

Participants of Kunstateliers within the GGZ work together with professional artists from all over the country. It is based on a, in principle, equal position of artists and patients. It creates an interaction between psychiatry and the "ordinary" world. Psychological problems exist, sometimes even very close. That can be accepted. That may be met.

Artists are invited to participate in this project in one of the following ways.
A. The professional artist awards one participant of a Kunstatelier an artwork that can/may be continued. In return, the professional artist gets one artwork from him/her to get started with.
B. The professional artist is inspired by the artwork of a participant in a
Kunstatelier, but allows the artwork to remain intact. And vice versa, the professional artist temporarily donates one artwork of his own as a source of inspiration.
C. Professional artist and participant of the GGZ Kunstatelier work together on new artwork.

Due to the measures to combat the coronavirus, it turned out to be impossible to carry out the project on schedule. This has been postponed like so many other projects. Drost suggested his colleague from the Kunstatelier to respond to each other's work from home. One makes a work, sends via email an image of it to  the other. He then sends back a work (whether or not in response) via email. And so on. A new series of works will be created.

Above you see Drosts drawings.

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Bart Drost

free artist

Graafseweg 183a
6531ZR Nijmegen
The Netherlands