Valkhof one minute pitch - 2019

Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen organizes the 'Valkhof Kunst Café' several times a year. There are two speakers who tell something about art and culture. In addition, regional artists and art art initiatives are given the opportunity to formulate an idea, project or question in one minute. In his one-minute pitch of 14 June 2019, Bart Drost referred to the museum's 20th anniversary and argued for appropriate birthday gifts.

"Museum Het Valkhof has his 20th university!

In 1999 my work "innocent india" was shown in this museum as the first presentation in the former project-space.

The museum recently announced its latest acquisition, a truly beautiful wooden statue of Saint Sebastian. Sebastianus with his long locks, his young nudity. With a loincloth, of course. The face devout, if not unaffected. The arrows don't seem to bother him ...
Arrows? Where are the arrows ?! There is no arrow at all!

So I made new arrows for our Saint. As a gift for Sebastianus.
While I was working with the arrows, I immediately made a gift for the building. You already heard it on arrival: Note! 'Mind your step!'
I would like to offer the museum more gifts.
So dear Mrs. Saam, dear Mrs. Kruisen, Consider this one-minute pitch as an open application. There are certainly more art objects that deserve a gift. This promotion could be the start of a new art project. Let's talk to each other about this.

Thanks for your attention"


a gift to Sebastian

Spring 2019 the Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen announced its latest acquisition, a truly beautiful wooden statue of Saint Sebastian. Bart Drost made new arrows for our Saint, as a gift for Sebastianus.


a gift to the stairs of the museum

Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen has his 20th aniversary this year. And all the while a lot has been said about the staircases in the building of architect Ben van Berkel.
Bart Drost thought it was time for a serious approach to the problem and made a brief installation during the Valkhof Kunst Café on 14 June 2019: three megaphones each speak three times the words "mind your step".

In 2021 Bart Drost donated this installation to the Modern Art Collection of Museum Het Valkhof.

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