sen lin mu - 2017

Every month Bart Drost opens his studio - for this occasion called MAAS - to fellow artists. Every now and then he is making projects within this framework. In September 2017, he invited Zhixing Jia, Ernie Bossmann, René van Haren, Silvia Schildkamp, David Kroese and Reinier Kroese to work with him on the project 'sen lin mu' ('forest timberland wood').

Situation sketch: the main entrance of MAAS at the Graafseweg 183A is hidden behind al lot of green. Three acacias tower high above the former milkery. This has consequences: the neighbors have no more sun on their back terrace and there is an abundance of falling leaves. But what's worse: the roots threaten the foundation and hide the sewage. Therefore, the trees were caught on Monday, September 11th. This - though sad - event was transformed into the project: sen lin mu.



Drost made an installation under the title 'hope' with the remains of the acacias. (slices of) Trunks he placed a criss-cross over the floor of MAAS, which was covered with tree trunk hedges. Four trees reach up to the ceiling, right through the papbordes. A table with a knotted tree. A chair. A neon heart ...



The trees on the Graafseweg - when they were still there - made a beautiful leafy pond. A protection against rain and sun. 112 pictures of the green leaves were plastered on the ceiling. The viewer could lay down on a red carpet and watch the green leave ceiling..



In the dairy factory, on the lowered work table, the chopped branches of the trees lay down.


throwing rings

In recent years, games play an important part within Bart Drost's work. He would prefer to talk about his art as a kind of playing with shapes. Wherever he can, he also makes an interactive part, inviting the visitor to literally move.

Parts of the trunks of the acacias are located at the entrance of MAAS. Three hoops. In short: throw the hoop!


big tree party

During the hood of the three acacias on September 11, 2017, from the roof of the milking plant, the composition of the Big Tree Party made by René van Haren was performed by Silvia Schildkamp (bassoon), Bram van Grinsven (chain saw), Ernie Bossmann (text / voice) and Bart Drost (three megaphones and one metronome). Filmmakers David and Reinier recorded the performance.

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Bart Drost

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