the urge to create - VM23 - 2017

For his project the urge to create  Bart Drost invited sixteen colleagues to exhibit together with him with works inspired by 'good week'.
the urge to create is about drama, suffering, death, sorrow, love, hate, anger, hypocrisy, anger, beauty, hope, light, air, etc. and consists of drawings, paintings, etchings, photographs, sculptures, videos, installations, interactive works , performances and more.

There is no ready-made answer to the question 'Why did God create our entire planet?'

Was it ordinary the urge to create?
Is God an artist?
Is an artist God ?

Participating artists: Rob van der Nol, Frank Ter Beek, Nadine Zanow, Koes Staassen, Pim Steinmann, Robin Gerris, Vincent Bijleveld, Rita Beckmann, Matthijs Walhout, Ditte Havenga, Roy Ruepert, Ada Dispa, Herman van den Muijsenberg, Reinoud van den Bogaard.

the urge to create was shown from 2 / m April 23, 2017 in artists initiative VM23 Arnhem.


the beauty of suffering (1)

Seven room screens, each with a cross-section "Jesus on the Cross" of paintings by Michelangelo, Velazquez, Goya, De Zubaran, Rubens, Le Seur paintings. As if the suffering has been censored.


transformation 1

Somewhere in 2016, Bart Drost received almost 100 crucifixes, in all sorts of formats and performances.

Transformation 1

Drost took all the bodies of Jesus from their cross.
He then made a portrait photograph of 91 Jesus figures.
He placed these portrait photos in random order.

During the exhibition he offered visitors one of the photos of Jesus.
In return, he made a portrait picture in polaroid of the recipient .
This picture then took the place of the hidden Jesus portrait.


transformation 2

The wooden crosses, stripped of the hanging Jesus figure, became swords.


the entrance in Jerusalem

Red carpet with donkey shit


it's over

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Bart Drost

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