UnExposed/Exposed - De Ruyter School Weurt - 2016

Primary school De Ruyter in Weurt has a new housing. The old school building is on the nomination to be demolished . During the last weeks, 20 artists have been given the opportunity to work in the classrooms, with an exhibition in the weekend of 20/21 August.


set deuce love game over

Bart Drost was inspired by and made use of attributes that he found in the school: primarily the school chairs attracted his attention: to prevent scratching the linoleum and to reduce noise the chair legs are fitted with old tennis balls ... With tables, chairs, handpuppets, letter boxes, tennis balls and rackets he built the installation 'set deuce love game over'. But first he demolished the false ceiling, and he used the resulting ceiling plates as bedding.


survival of the fittest

A budding offshoot of an acacia arises through the plinth from outside to the inside of the room. Unobtrusive and at the same time to not overlook. Is nature itself already begun to undermine the school?
This phenomenon deserves attention!
By adding  wooden blocks and farm animals, found
in a closet backward, Bart Drost created his smallest installation 'Survival of the fittest'.



The installation had an interactive character. On the inside and the outside of the building Drost painted a red dot. Visitors were challenged to play tennis against the outside wall with green paint-soaked tennis balls; against the inner wall they could shoot wads of paper.

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Bart Drost

free artist

Graafseweg 183a
6531ZR Nijmegen
The Netherlands