op to morocco! - 1982

During his studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam Bart Drost makes a study trip to Morocco in 1982. By train, from the Netherlands. In Morocco he ultimately stayed just one night, he did not feel at home and was afraid.

During this trip, he wrote every day - sometimes several times a day - letters to his fellow students who had remained in Amsterdam. The letters were accompanied by clippings and drawings.

In 2012, the letters are grouped in the book 'to Morocco! ".


small drawings - 1982

Indian ink and crayons Bart Drost had taken on his trip to Morocco. This trip was a fact-finding and of course he had to make new works! Every day he made small drawings in which he depicted the events of the day.


happy gay? - changed photo's - 1982

For Bart Drost, twenty-seven years and struggling with his sexual orientation and feelings, loneliness was the most faithful companion on his journey through Spain and Portugal. Besides drawings he changed images from cheap gay magazines, which he bought at kiosks.


hommes d'Espagne - 1982

Postcards are for sale everywhere. That was one of Drost hobbies on this trip. The cards accompanied his letters to the home front. Some were edited and combined with boys from 'dirty books'.

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