Tanze mit mir in den Himmel hinein - Beugen - 2015

"What are 85 shorts and 1 tutu doing in a backyard?"

First of all: it is no ordinary backyard: it is the backyard at the Alarm Artists Initiative by artist Ans Verdijk in Beugen.Secondly: they are no ordinary sports shorts: 30 years ago they were part of the exhibition tree blue bass by visual artist Bart Drost in the church of Persingen.

In the spring of 2015, both artists worked on new images together with their young colleague Pim Steinmann in Beugen. Everyone in his / her own way. Leitmotiv was the fifties song 'Tanze mit mir in den Himmel hinein'.

Drost cut up a large number of paintings and hung them on a clothesline. Unfortunately, after a rain shower the cloths no longer fluttered happily in the wind but stiffened in curls. A sculpture made of discarded styrofoam plates, consisting of parts of those earlier oil paintings. However, the given 'clothesline' continued to intrigue, with the conclusion of 85 sports shorts and 1 tutu.

The concept of 'heaven' is incomprehensible. What is heaven to one person can mean hell to another.And 'dancing', what is that? The brilliant pass of a football player on the field or the eternal death of the swan on the stage?Be that as it may, it has produced fantastic images for Verdijk, Steinmann and Drost.


Bart Drost

free artist

Graafseweg 183a
6531ZR Nijmegen
The Netherlands