mindmap - vincent van gogh instituut venray - 2012


The manifestation Mindmap, about art and psychiatry, at the Vincent van Gogh Institute in Venray shows various (inter) national artists. Bart Drost - art therapist at the Van Gogh Institute - showed in the former living room of Building J 60 portraits of patients he met during the art therapy sessions. It is remarkable that now this Chronicle of the Clinic for Neuropsychiatry is shown at the premises of the Institute, where the encounters between artist and patient took place. For the first time also the white objects that are derived from workpieces which have made the patients are exhibited for the first time.

Also the PR department of the Vincent van Gogh made about 10 information posters about diseases on the basis of Drost's portraits.

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Bart Drost

free artist

Graafseweg 183a
6531ZR Nijmegen
The Netherlands