the dormitory - a test setup - January 2020

After the try out of 'in paradiso' at Hubert in Nijmegen, Bart Drost started working on a new project and embroidered fourteen bed sheets. They are the reason for a project called 'the dormitory'. Again the size of this project is too large to be experienced in the own studio. Looking for a suitable space, POPOP in Nijmegen expressed its willingness to lend its cellar space in the old Montessori school on Vlierestraat for a few days. Fourteen beds are set up there in the first week of January to see whether 'the image actually works'.No real beds - after all, it's a test setup - but inflatable mattresses on cardboard boxes. In two rows of seven. In two rows of seven.

For an one-hour-exhibtion the work was also be installed in the central hall of the building,  preceded by a performace.


01-01-2020 - at POPOP Nijmegen

On New Year's Day 2020, Bart Drost installed his work 'Roomsch leven' in the room of POPOP in Nijmegen, the basement of the former Montessori school. The work consists of 14 beds in 2 rows of 7. Sheets are draped on the beds on which lines of lying and / or sleeping boy figures are embroidered. A wooden 'jesus figure' has been added to this set-up.


January 3 2020 - performance school hall Nijmegen

On Friday 3 January, Bart Drost presented his installation 'Roomsch leven' via a performance to a select audience in the large hall of the former montessori school in Nijmegen. By turning on the record player the Wiener Sänger Knaben sang Strauss' An der schönen blauen Donau and Drost spread the sheets one by one over the fourteen beds.

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