luchtruim - acte de présence - 2019

Arte de Présence offers a platform for multidisciplinary artists with an emphasis on performance art. An opportunity for artists to connect and a point of departure to go outside. On 16 June 2019 she organized a one-day event in POPOP Nijmegen, where performance artists and multidisciplinary artists in or from the region showed themselves.

Participating artists: Joos vd Zanden, Els Jacobs, Daniëlle Brans, Petra de Vries, Ernie Bossmann, Ada Dispa, Minno Baartmans, Hannah Goedhart.

Bart Drost presented the video registration of the performance 'loss of loss of desire' from 2006 and gave the premiere of the ready-made self full-filling performance 'Home sweet home'.


Home sweet home

Bart Drost made this work in 2019: a performance by iron and ironing board.

At the start of the performance evening at POPOP, at 7 p.m., he plugged in the iron. From that moment until the end of this evening the iron will burn a print on the crotch of a boy's underpants, size 176.

Aj. That hurts...

Where did the boy's "celebrate" go?
Where is the base where it is mounted?
Which theme is discussed here?
Why the aggressiveness?
Where that pain, that suffering.
Why such a sour humor?

A disturbing picture.


verlangen verlies gemis

Video registration of a performance in three parts. For this occasion supplemented by a live act: Bart Drost sang 'Que sera sera' (unfornunatly not included in the video registration below)

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Bart Drost

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